AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

Forward Electric & Air Conditioning is proud to introduce to you our AC Maintenance Program. We have developed a customized AC maintenance program that addresses many of the small problems that, when left undetected, could lead to more expensive repairs and property damage.

Stay Cool, Don’t Get Caught Without AC on a HOT Florida day!

Your air conditioner is likely out of sight and out of mind until something goes wrong. Planned routine maintenance is an easy way to ensure that you don’t get stuck in the Florida heat without working AC. Regularly scheduled maintenance checks prevent larger and more expensive problems from happening down the road and keeps your system working efficiently, lowering your energy bill, improving your indoor air quality and more!

Why is AC Maintenance Important?

Let’s be honest. Most of us completely forget about our air conditioners well-being until something breaks, but it’s only logical to assume that it will need the occasional “tune up” along the way. You wouldn’t think of driving your car 100,000 miles without changing the oil, would you? Of course not! The same holds true for your home’s air conditioning system.
Planned, regular preventative air conditioning maintenance is the best way to ensure trouble-free operation and peak performance. It also keeps your AC system running at its optimal efficiency levels, which keep energy usage and your energy bills down, too.

Top 5 Benefits of Planned AC Maintenance Program

Maintenance is a necessary step in prolonging the life of your home’s air conditioning system. Regularly scheduled AC maintenance checks on your AC system will:

1. Prevent larger, more expensive problems from occurring in the future
2. Keep your system working efficiently
3. Lower your monthly energy bills
4. Improve your indoor air quality
5. Prolong the life of the system

What is included in our AC Maintenance Program Tune Up?

Our AC maintenance program tune up includes a full 18-Point inspection performed by experienced technicians. This extensive maintenance program was created to ensure that your home’s air conditioning system performs efficiently. During your inspection, one of our trained professional AC techs will do the following tasks to make sure that your system is performing at peak efficiency and help prevent those unexpected breakdowns:
1. Condenser Coil fins will be straightened and rinsed clean, as needed (if accessible).
2. Evaporator Coil will be inspected and rinsed clean, as needed (if accessible).
3. Blower Assembly and Wheels will be inspected
4. Refrigerant levels will be monitored and checked for proper levels
5. Condensate Drain will be inspected and cleaned to ensure proper drainage and Algae tablets will be added to drain pan
6. Duct Work will be visibly checked for leaks and proper insulation
7. Bearings will be inspected and lubricated, as needed
8. Belts and Pulleys will be inspected and adjusted, as needed
9. Motors will be inspected and brushed cleaned, as needed
10. Capacitors, Controls and Safeties will be inspected and tested
11. Check for unusual noise or vibrations
12. Relays and Contactors will be inspected and tested
13. Unit Disconnect will be inspected and tested
14. Air Filters changed with customer provided filter or rinse washable filter
15. Temperatures and Pressures will be taken and recorded
16. Thermostat will be inspected and calibrated, as needed, for proper operation
17. Heater will be inspected and amp draw checked and recorded
18. Inspect defrost controls on heat pump systems

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Don’t wait until your home is hot and your family is sweating. Be proactive, and have your home or business air conditioning system serviced twice a year with our Planned Maintenance Agreement. Not only will it save you from a miserably hot home, but it can also help extend your system’s lifespan, and decrease your home’s energy consumption, which in turn will save you money!
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Member Benefits

You’ve been there. It’s a sweltering hot South Florida day, you walk in to your house and it’s just as hot inside as it is outside! It’s only then that you remember you forgot to call to get your system maintenance performed. At Forward Electric & Air Conditioning, we offer a solution to this unfortunate scenario. Our Maintenance Agreement includes two inspections each year, and WE CALL YOU to schedule the appointment before disaster strikes!

Exclusive Membership Benefits:

– Priority Scheduling
– Reminder Calls and/or Emails
– 10% discount on AC repair parts
– 10% discount on AC accessory purchases
– And even…10% discount on Electric Services